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RallyRetro is an innovative motorsports photography archive consisting of some 250,000 black and white and colour scanned images with an additional circa 150,000 more modern images yet to be processed. Whilst on the site you can view many of the extensive galleries of images, see a few high resolution samples, enquire about photos not online or suggest a caption.

Bertie Fisher Gallery

CTP Ulster Ulster 1985 S20-D2-6-Bertie Fisher & Austin Frazer
CTP Donegal Donegal 1987 S1-E1-Bertie Fisher
JR BW Welsh Welsh 1985 S12-D5-9-Bertie Fisher & Austin Frazer
CTP Ulster Ulster 1983 S13-E3-10-Bertie Fisher
JR Colour negs WELSH 1988 S8-C5-16-Bertie Fisher
FW Donegal Donegal 1995 S18-B1-6-Bertie Fisher & Rory Kennedy
CTP Donegal Donegal 1987 S3-C3-3-Bertie Fisher
Circuit of Ireland 1989 FW-S14-G5-12-Bertie Fisher
CTP Misc British BRC Misc National Breakdown Slides S1-A3-11-Bertie Fisher-1984 National Breakdown
JR Colour Manx 75-84 Manx 1982 S5-E5-18-Bertie Fisher
CTP Manx Manx 1995 S11-B5-10-Bertie Fisher
FW Donegal Donegal 1999 S14-F4-Rory Kennedy with Bertie & Mark Fisher
Circuit of Ireland 1988 JRC-S13-D2-10-Bertie Fisher
Circuit of Ireland 1980 JRB-S9-C1-12-Bertie Fisher
CTP Misc British British National Rallies Manx National Manx National 1992 S2-F3-2-Bertie Fisher
FW Donegal Donegal 1999 S1-A4-2-Bertie Fisher
FW Manx Manx 1990 S5-A4-19-Bertie Fisher
CTP Manx Manx 1984 S1-F4-12-Bertie Fisher
JR Colour Ulster 82-90 Ulster 1989 S8-G6-11-Bertie Fisher
FW Donegal Donegal 1993 S1-A4-1-Bertie Fisher
CTP Ulster Ulster 1983 S25-B6-10-Bertie Fisher
CTP Donegal Donegal 1975 S4-E1-36-Bertie Fisher
JR Colour Ulster 82-90 Ulster 1990 S6-B6-9-Bertie Fisher
CTP Donegal Donegal 1988 S1-A2-Bertie Fisher
Circuit of Ireland 1979 CTS-S1-B4-19-Bertie Fisher
coi-bertie and austin after coi
CTP Ulster Ulster 1991 S7-F6-3-Bertie Fisher
CTP Donegal Donegal 1977 S6-A1-18-Bertie Fisher
Circuit of Ireland 1983 JRB-S7-B4-Plum Tyndall & Bertie Fisher
Circuit of Ireland 1999 FW-S7-C5-2-Bertie Fisher
Circuit of Ireland 1990 FW-S6-E6-11-Bertie Fisher
Circuit of Ireland 1995 FW-S14-G2-3-Bertie Fisher
Circuit of Ireland 1983 CTC-S3-D3-11-Bertie Fisher

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